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Welcome adventurer to the magical place called Final Tear 3!

Here you can find information about the newest and third installment of the immense Final Tear 3 series created by Stevie v.d. Laar Productions. Final Tear 3 is one of the largest and very custom scripted games in the rpgmaker library. Besides of that the game will offer you an unique experience.  A experience you had never before in any game!

The game offers a 90 to 110 hours gamplay experience full with magic and mystery. A deep dark story with a lot of unexpected plot twists. The game is full of mini games and special events and a lot of custom systems that it an unique taste. After 7 years of hard work, the game is finally finished and is now launched for the big audience!

The Story

What would you do, when the king that rules you takes away most of your most hard earned money and recourses. What would you say to people… when you know that the world as you know it will not be there anymore. What action would you take… when your only son is abducted and you are going to die because of that. A world in the verge of extinction, a man with a mysterious universal plan. An alien race headed towards your home planet living only for destruction. An important man and child that are the only survivors. An great plan that shapes the destiny of the universe. A new world full of people. Time and space in twined trough different dimensions. A man without any knowledge of himself desperately seeks answers to his identity. Welcome to the world of Final Tear 3, where a man vowed to find the answers to his unknown life.

The story of Final Tear 3 is a very deep and intensive long story with a lot of plot twists. It will keep you interested from the beginning till the end. During your story you will meet many characters as well as a lot of cool worlds for you to explore. Spreading over 4 world maps and more than 200 places to visit!

The world in the verge of Extinction!

image description >
The title screen of Final Tear 3!

The elite tells the people of the coming destruction. The same elite that turned most of the citizens in consuming slaves.


Final Tear 3 is a quite special game if you compare it with other hobby created rpg games. It goes further, wider and more complex than other games. The game offers a many ways to Rome approach. This means you can play the game in very different ways which result in very different experiences. Even if you beat the game twice you will still find surprises everywhere.

There are a lot of custom systems that give a whole new and unique gameplay sensation never seen in any other game. One of the most important systems are the Orb magic system,, the S.A.S.S (Summon Aura Sensation System), a roulette system, a custom exp, sp, wp and level system,, a gun bullet system, A big desert where you need find the exit by looking at the stars, a book learning system and a online banking and interest system. Other than that game game offers a lot of unique puzzles, mini games and a lot sidequests.

There are a lot more custom systems in the game, but those can be found on in the custom systems section and in the game itself!

More than 15 unique systems in the game.
image description >
The new complex orb magic system.
Summons can be leveled and can fuse with the hero! With this attacks and spells will be changed, improved or influence things for a lot of diversity.

Custom battle system

The whole battle system algorithms are custom made by me (in combination with dozens of other custom systems). It only uses a very slight piece of the basic foundations of rpgmaker. Everything else is custom made. With this I could make my own damage calculations. Heck, I could implement my own custom systems in the battle system of rpgmaker. So that I have the best on both worlds!

You will see a lot of unique stuff in the new improved battle system, breaking all limits there were in rpgmaker. Doing max 9999 damage is a thing of the past, now you can do virtually do everything you wish: like stacking your skills, combine your skills, everyone and everything influences each other.

The new battle system is very deep and might be complex in the beginning. However when you master it, you can unleash hundreds of unique different strategies depending on your own play style. You can even create your own strategies within the battles! That being said the battle system is very diverse and it can take a lot of skill and experience to master.

The game will offer four different difficulties and a very rewarding steep difficulty increase. Training is very rewarding and even the best gamer will find a great challenge in beating this game.

Like in older Final Tear games you need to fight powerful bosses here. With a lot of strategic choices to make!

image description >
A very powerful boss!
Searching for the answer!

Train to infinity & character adjustment

Ever dreamt of an RPG game with no limits in how strong you can get? The systems and possibilities in Final tear 3 many leave trainers with a warm feeling. You want to brag online about your uber stats? This is the game where you can really show how die-hard you are, there is virtually no limit how strong you can become in the game. Show them fools that you are the man of this game with your uber stats!

You can train your characters in different ways so that you can shape them in your own taste. All characters have their own very unique play style. Each character completely fights differently in battle and some characters even can influence other characters. This gives the game a high replay value because you want to try the other character combinations and strategies out as well.

Impressive mini games that can be played to get better stuff or training.
image description >
The peaceful village of Lance
Please place your bets!

Side quests

There is much more to tell about this game. But I don’t want to spoil too much what the game has to offer.

The game has also a lot of side quests you can do even if you have completed the game. You have secret dungeons with super tough enemies. There are a lot of secret bosses and mini games. As well there are special places you can visit to train or to solve puzzles or solve mazes.

And if you really the jack of al trades you might want to master the roulette game to get very special items and spells!

Take on the adventure called Final Tear 3 and have a lot of fun playing my game!

The journey trough Final Tear 3 takes long and has a lot of different locations .
image description >
What horrors lie in this palace?
A 3D selection menu where you can check you elemental levels and mix you elements to make new spells and attacks

Copyright 2017 Stevie v.d. Laar  


15 March 2018

Final Tear 2 version 1.3 is out. Download and see more info here.

10 March 2018

Because of some bugs and imbalances a new version of Final Tear 2 will be released next week This will be version 1.3. See more info here.

13 October 2017

Final Tear 3 3.09 is out! Please all update here for the awesome changes!

9 October 2017

This week 3.09 will come out you can see the changes here! This is a very important version to update to! The game takes too much grinding– and is sometimes unforgiving hard. Because of this I changed to whole balance in the game and then I mean I changes almost everything! I think I already made some cool changes with 3.08 and 3.0-B but I think it is not enough.

The balance will be completely changed in 3.09 – it will feel like playing a completely different game. Also I improved the pray and sermon system and even added a new sermon and pray boost will be better as well.
What is also cool is that the encounter rate is reduced a lot globally - and monsters give more EXP, WP and SP to compensate from now on. Also a lot of items, inn and recovery points are reduced in price a lot! I also erased some small bugs and on the top of that a new manual will be added with the main installer for Jessies Divinity command. This manual will also be attached with the patch!

3.09 will be released 12-13 October 2017
! There will be a patch that can update both 3.08 and 3.08-B! Keep an eye on the changes list on the forums or here. It will be updated daily!

3 October 2017

Some of my testers – and I have found some balance issues. I decided to release a quick patch for that – and added some wonderful changes as well you can download and see the changes here

28 September 2017

With great pleasure I would like to announce that version 3.08 is out! You can download either the full version or a patch here. Keep in mind that the patch only works on 3.07B

25 September 2017

A lot more changes will be implemented in 3.08!  I found some bugs and small balance changes that can improve the early game experience. 3.08 come out on 28th September 2017. Keep a look at the download section or the boards as changes will be added daily. Of course you can suggest changes too the best place to do this, is on the forums.

21 September 2017

I decided to release version 3.08 for Final Tear 3 a bit sooner. This version decreases the HP of all monsters and bosses in the game. I suspect it will be out in the beginning of the next week. For details -look at the forum or the download section. The Final Tear 2 webiste is also back up.

19 September 2017

The websites for Final 1 and 3 are almost up and running now. And you can now directly download the newest version of Final Tear 1 and 3 directly from the website! The Final tear 2 site will be uploaded later this week.

Another good news is that I'm planning to make version 3.08 for Final Tear 3 - and one of the biggest changes is a global HP nerf on all bosses and monsters. If you want some see changes now is your chance! Register on the forums and let me know what changes you want!

18 September 2017

Long time no see! As you can see the last news update was in 2014. Because I had some problems I have not worked much on the game, website or forums. But I decided today to start again. I already made a new forum and I’m re uploading and adjusting the website. I suspect this will be done some later this week. You can already access the new forum here.

8 October 2014

It's finally time, finally time that the new version is out. All update to 3.07 you will get a almost a whole new game!

6 October 2014

Good news! The final list of changes is now done! You can see it here. The new version itself will be released on Wednesday 8 October 2014.

30 September 2014

It's almost so far! Final Tear 3 version 3.07 will be realeased in the beginning of next week. Most of the changes are already done. And even some new changes are added that are not on the list yet. More information will be posted at the end of this week!

15 September 2014

I decided to put the list already on the download page. You can see here wich changes 3.07 will have ^^

15 September 2014

Good news! The final changes list is ready and will be post tommorow! The new version 3.07 will come out within two weeks! Keep an eye on the website.

17 August 2014

Long time before some new news came. The development and improvement of Final Tear 3 had been quite quiet last few months. But now I’m back the saddle and together with the players we are improving the game to a whole new level! Forget the list of 3.07 it will be much better than that. If you are really curious you could check out the boards and I post my progress and changes directly. Of course the changes will be posted on the website soon as well.

30 April 2014

Good news! The changes list of Final Tear 3 3.07 is out! The game will be improved on many awesome points. Look here for more information.

30 April 2014

Because many people encoutered one or more bugs in Final Tear 2 I decided to upload a new installer version 1.2. If you install that version the problems should be gone. You can download it here

22 March 2014

Some players completed Final Tear 3 and I'm glad those enjoyed the game a lot. They also offered me many tips to improve the game.

And that is excatly what is going to happen in the next few weeks. Besides that the script will be better in 3.07, a lot of new changes will come in the next version that makes the game a lot better!

Keep an eye on the site as more information will be revealed later on.

14 March 2014

Final Tear 3 version 3.06 is out now. This version fixes some orb level bugs late game. It reduces the difficulty of some puzzles. And removes some in battle bugs. You can download it in the download section.

4 February 2014

I'm in search for good proofreaders that can read and improve the scripts of my Final Tear games. As you might know my native language is not English. So if you are a good English writer or good in English in general you can really help me out on this one.

If you are interested let me know and send me an e-mail here so we can arrange something.

4 February 2014

Fixes a bug major bug for Final Tear 2 at main castle where you cannot proceed after you got Leon. Besides of that it fixes two small changes at the ruins. A bigger patch will come soon which fixes more stuff. You can download the quick patch here

30 January 2014

Final Tear 2 should work now, the new version is uploaded. Download it here. If it still does not work contact me.

30 January 2014

Oops I forgot to include the RTP with Final Tear 2. I will fix this today and reupload the game afterwards.

29 January 2014

Finally, finally Final Tear 2 is out to download. After years of being gone the game is back!

You can download it here. Keep in mind that the version still needs work. So if you have improvements post them on the forum!

I wish you all very much fun playing Final Tear 2!

27 January 2014

Final Tear 2 is delayed because of some personal things happening right now. It will come out either tommorow or the day after that. Sorry for the delay.

20 January 2014

Final Tear 2 will finally be released this week. I did improve the game in the past but that version is somehow not there anymore. So I decided because a lot of people asked for Final Tear 2 I upload the old version. I first want to focus on the bugs that are in Final Tear 3 before I repolish the 2nd one again. If you find any bugs in part 2 you can post those on the forums.

22 december 2013

Final Tear 1 version 1.3 is out now :) You can donwload it here

21 december 2013

There is a bit of delay so Final Tear 1 will come out tommorow. There won't be a patch so u need to install the new version over the old one.

18 december 2013

The release date of Final Tear 1 version 1.3 is finally official! It will be downloadable Saturday 21th of december! Soon after that Final Tear 2 will be re-uploaded again and then I will release the newest version of Final Tear 3. After that I’m going to advertise my games on the Internet again. I hope that we get a lot of members like we did in the past. But for now I wish everyone a happy Christmas next week!

05 december 2013

New adjustments listed for Final Tear 1 If you click here you can see what .

02 december 2013

The adjustments of Final Tear 1 are a lot bigger than I originally thought. This is a good thing seeing that the game will be improved a lot in the next version. If you click here you can see what has changed so far. The list will be updated every day or so with the new changes.

25 november 2013

Final Tear 1 will be adjusted a little bit from the 1.2 version to the 1.3 version. It only contains small changes which will be announced next week.

24 november 2013

Next month something will happen what a lot of people are asking for! Final Tear 2 will back for download! Also because it is very silent at Final Tear at the moment I decided to promote the game again. Soon a new section will come on the forums where you can also help do promote my game. But more of this in December 2013!

11 september 2013

Today I added some sections on the forums.

30 august 2013

Long time no see! Because of inactivity the Final Tear games and the forum dried out a little (my own fault :P). I lost the whole forum (including all members and posts) and needed to make a new one.
Soon everything will be improved, the games, the website and I hope that the forum will fill with members as time passes. I’m planning to do this in phases and all of the changes that will be made will be post or announced on the website.
So what will be changed and improved you ask?

  • The website of Final Tear 3 will be improved.
  • I will advertise my game on a lot of places on the Internet
  • Final Tear 2 will finally be re-released again
  • Final Tear 3 will be improved.
  • New sections and artwork will come for the website.

And a lot more!
If you played my games before, please register on my forums again so that you can help other people or post new problems that might arise. Keep an eye on the website from time to time to stay in touch with the newest updates!

4 july2012

Good news! Final Tear 1 is back online you can download it here. Also look on the forums for the newest changes that are going to be implemented in FT3 3.5!

25 April 2012

Final Tear 3 3.04 is finnaly out! You can download it here!

Also some of the information is updated on the website :D.

17 April 2012

Good news! The long awaited Final Tear 3 v3.04 will come out this week! The new version will introduce a running system, better summons, a complete polish in the battle and much and much more read more here

2 April 2012

Downloads getting offline a lot because of the sharing site. I will look for a new server to host the files on soon. I reuploaded FT1 1.2. You can download it here

11 March 2012

A very big new patch has been released for Final Tear 1. This changes the version to 1.2.

Download here the patch

Download here the changes list

20 Feb 2012

Oops something did go terribly wrong with the downloads. Now they are back up and kicking for Final Tear 1 and 3. Part 2 will be uploaded later this week because of a new version.

11 Feb 2012

The downloads have been down. Final Tear 3 is now back up! Part 1 and 2 will be up tommorow.

5 Jan 2012

Final Tear 1 is back online again. The version has a slight change aswell! The last 2 forms of the final boss are nerfed because many people think they are too hard. Download it here

Now all 3 Final Tears are back online again ^^

4 Jan 2012

Tommorrow Final Tear 1 will be back online! Keep an eye on the website!

18 December 2011

Its a long time ago that you heard from me. But a new improved version of Final Tear 3 is out! The new version fixes a lot of old problems and has some new stuff in it that make the game more diverse and interesting. A big part of the dialogue has been improved and the balance is better than ever. Battles are faster, more fun and have even more strategies than before.

The game now also offers new weapons, items, skills and moves and now all attacks are equally interesting to use and even to combine. The balance between different skills and attack moves have been fine-tuned to the max! 

But the best good  news is that the new improved version of Final Tear 2 is almost out as well! Keep an eye on the website. Of course Final Tear 1 will be uploaded again by that time.

19 September 2011

Very long time no see! It has been very silent around Final Tear 3 last half year. Even on the boards it is pretty much dead. But do not worry! The game will be back some better than ever!

Soon a completely new version will come out called 3.0 with changes so good that you cannot even imagine. The game will be improved in many aspects. Look for a sneak preview on this link!

02 June 2011

A serious bug has been found for new players. Download the newest patch to fix this. It also fixes some other smaller bugs.

Download it here

10 March 2011

Good news, a new patch (2.3)is out. This patch solves a lot of exploits and some real benefits in balance.

Download it here

10 february 2011

Good news, a new patch (2.2)is out with some great changes. The best are better balance, faster text speed, faster orb level up menus and many more changes!

Download it here

20 december 2010

Because 2.0 was out and everything was pretty good. I had some time for some more deeper balance testing. And I think that the girls should do more than magic casting late game. That's why I changed some things in the game and fixed some slight bugs. You can download it here. here

27 november 2010

Good news, I uploaded a new install version called 2.0. This version contains the newest version of the game. Even if you playing 1.09B this version has some smoother balance.You can get it here

22 november 2010

Oops! Due a bug with the patch program patch 1.9 update got very wrong and updated somehow to a completely different version. That's why I made patch 1.9B to solve this. You need to install this patch otherwise you cannot finish the game! You might need to reinstall the main installer for this. Download it here.

31 oktober 2010

Patch 1.9 is out! Download it here.

23 september 2010

A quickpatch is released for FT3 because of a too hard boss at some point of the game. Download it here (works only on 1.8/B) here.

13 september 2010

A small bug was found in Final Tear 1 in the first cave. I made a quickpatch for it download it here.

9 september 2010

Long time no see ^^ patch 1.8 is out download it here.

7 august 2010

Today patch 1.1 is out for Final Tear 1. It fixes some small bugs and some better balance. You can download it here.

3 august 2010

Final Tear 1 is finally out again for re-release ^^ look at the Final Tear 1 section for the download links! Or here!

29 july 2010

Patch 1.7 is out download it here.

14 july 2010

Patch 1.6 is out download it here.

14 july 2010

There is big news for 2 things:

1. Final Tear 1 will come out next week! I'm almost done with polishing the whole game.

2. Patch 1.6 will come out tommorow. Changes some balance and fixes some late game problems.

3 july 2010

Patch 1.5 is out download it here. Remember that it does not work on 1.1 or 1.2.

27 june 2010

Patch 1.4 is out download it here. You need either 1.0 or 1.3 to upgrade it. If you have an other version u better download the 1.3 patch first and then the 1.4 patch. The 1.4 patch is important because it erases and error in the beginning of the game that I made with an other patch.

23 june 2010

Today some sections of the website will be updated. I don't know how long this will take. But you see the changes as they progress

22 june 2010

Patch 1.3 is out download it here. You can look at the changes in the download section.

20 june 2010

Patch 1.2 is out download it here. You can look at the changes in the download section.

18 june 2010

Sunday 20 june 2010 patch 1.2 will come out. This patch fixes some slight balance in the game so that it gets a bit less hard as a whole. Complete changes list will be posted as well.

14 june 2010

Made a summon bug with the previous patch. So I made a quickfix to solve this.

Download the patch here.

13 june 2010

Because of a lot of complaints about the lag on the worldmap I reduced the lag a lot in patch 1.1.


12 june 2010

Finally the game is out :D :D :D you can download it in the download section!

11 june 2010

Tommorow it's finally the day that Final Tear 3 will be released. Right now I'm looking for places to post my game on so that as many people can enjoy my game.

Since there have been many questions about Final Tear 1 and 2, I want to point out that those game are not downloadable for now.

You have to wait 1 or 2 months before those games are back online. The reason for this is that I want to polish the games a first before they come online again. So that I can offer you a better quality.

7 june 2010

On 12 June Final Tear 3 will finally come out! Besides of that I further updated the characters section on the webiste. Click here to see it.

2 june 2010

Added the Final tear 1 website back again. It's the old one from 2000 or so :P You can visit it here

30 may 2010

Found some other little bugs in the game which I solved just in time.

You can check the changes in the download section!

25 may 2010

Today I implemented many changes in the game. Like cheaper healing items some extra menu's and also a completely new puzzle in the Pyramid.

You can check the changes in the download section!

19 may 2010

Started with the custom systems section. 2 of the most important system are almost made on the website. The rest will be added later.

18 may 2010

I also started with the walktrough section. All the orb spells are now listed there detailed which elemental levels you need as well their mp costs. Also the exp curve of the first 150 elemental levels are shown in the walktrough.

17 may 2010

It took some time, but the game is almost ready for re-release. Besides of that I'm now making the characters section and I hope I will finish it tommorow or today.

29 march 2010

Today I finshed the website offline (that is the main page) At this time Final Tear 3 is almost finished for release for the big world.






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